What is Eduk8?

Eduk8 is an ESN International project whose main objective is to equip ESN members with the tools and knowledge necessary to educate and train other people online. Every day, our ESN members work hard to support and develop our network and as a result of this process, they gain in skills and new skills. These skills and competencies can be difficult to identify and that's where Eduk8 wants to make a difference. Eduk8 facilitates activities where so-called  soft skills  are identified and where people who participate can share knowledge to learn in a structured, conscious and fun way.

Who Eduk8?

The Eduk8 project contemplates the establishment of a  Pool of trainers  consisting of ESN members who have completed special training courses. Through practical and theoretical education, these coaches possess the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out training programs in the rest of the network.

Why Eduk8?

This project has its place within non-formal education. Eduk8 can organize workshops on practically any topic, such as effective communication, team-building, leadership, constructive feedback and conflict management.

Additional Information